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Hello and welcome. We're glad you're here.We're People First Systems and the creators of the "Time To Value" podcast.People First Systems is a unique national business advisory firm that offers experience-based, client-centric solutions that help CEOs and owners of middle-market companies grow, de-risk, and realize their company’s value.If you run a company and:1. Have ever needed to make a decision with less than perfect information.
2. Have ever postponed or abandoned a strategic initiative because a current issue dragged you back to the day to day operations.
3. Been frustrated balancing growth of revenues, profits, and staff.
4, Felt "lonely at the top" with nobody who really 'get it' to share challenges with.
5. Feel concerned about the magnitude of change in the business world.
If this is you, let's have a & (The "Time to Value" Podcast)Are you a purpose-driven and proven leader and value creator?Are you committed to optimizing your overall success?If so, it's great to meet you here!You're in the right place.Let's begin by defining success for you. Then, we will deploy a concrete plan to achieve that success, focusing on "time to value." In short, we will work together to get (the right) shit done!By doing this, we:-Create the superior results (including financial) that top-performing leaders enjoy
-Ensure better-performing investments of your resources, and
-Attract more and better team members to support you.
More about me (if we must):Joh Olson is the Chair of the San Francisco 05 chapter of Tiger 21. Tiger 21 harnesses members' expertise and collective intelligence to improve their investment acumen, business decisions, and family dynamics.After nearly twenty years of leadership in academic healthcare systems (UCLA, UC Davis, Stanford) and venture capital (Mighty Capital, Alix VC, others), he transitioned to grow the portfolio of successful businesses he and his wife own, from e-commerce and hospitality to residential and commercial real estate.Joh is a purpose-driven entrepreneur and value creator with a track record of working with proven leaders to optimize exceptional teams for success. Starting successful businesses, developing leaders, and building trusting and highly reliable teams are his "dream jobs."Joh is passionate about communication, building trust, enhancing calm, and "decomplexifying" situations. He is a lifelong student of business systems, servant leadership, and personal development.He believe in redemptive business principles: you are ready to learn more about working together or joining our Bay Area TIGER 21 group, please reach out to me and visit: today!If you’d like to get to know us, reach out below. Let’s chat. We promise to respect your time.

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Kindness, Curiosity, Teamwork, and Adventure are our values.